DelftDI LLS-1


Enhanced efficiency for Long-Length radiographic examinations.


DelftDI LLS-1 Imaging; no need for a dedicated Long-Length detector or specialised X-ray equipment

The most common applications for long-length DR imaging are for whole spine and leg radiography. Up till now this was only possible using a specially configured X-ray system with image stitching capability using multi-exposure Digital Radiography (DR), which required three separate tube movements and exposures. As patients for this type of examination are often children, the ultimate solution would be for a single, very short exposure to reduce the possibility of motion artefacts. Now DelftDI brings you single shot Long-Length DR imaging without the need for a dedicated long-length detector, and using wireless detectors that can be used more efficiently in other radiographic applications when not be used for Long-Length imaging.


• One short exposure reduces the possibility of movement artefacts • Higher throughput and more efficient use of an X-ray room

• Increased patient safety; less time  necessary remaining in position • No need for special image stitching X-ray equipment; perform Long-Length imaging in any room with Canon CXDI Control Software NE DR


Accurate automatic stitching

Accurate stitching automatically performed by the Canon CXDI Control Software NE ensures that just a single exposure is all it takes. There is no need to manually paste and positioning images and they are automatically aligned and joined and the densities of adjacent images are smoothed to provide a uniform image appearance.


Reduced chance of retakes

As the patient only needs to remain still in the same position for a few seconds, there is less chance of movement artefacts and positioning error. This helps to significantly reduce the likelihood of retakes and additional patient dose, as well as increase room availability.


Faster Long-Length studies

Set-up can be quickly performed without the patient in the room. Simply load the wireless portable detectors into the support stand and select the pre-programmed Long-Length protocol on the modality workstation. That’s all there is to it. You can now invite the patient into the room for positioning. After positioning the X-ray tube and verifying the patients’ position, the short single exposure can be made.

It’s done! The patient can relax immediately and the resulting image is verified at the Canon CXDI Control Software NE workstation. Fast, efficient, accurate and convenient.


Maintain high throughput from your DR system

Now Long-Length imaging will not decrease availability of an X-ray room. With DelftDI One Shot Long-Length imaging, patient throughput is faster with less waiting time and little or no post-exposure image manipulation required.


A cost-effective Long-Length DR solution

Using three standard Canon wireless DR detectors ensures detector usage that is maximised and shared across multiple applications, and not dedicated solely to Long-Length imaging with less frequent and less efficient utilisation.


If you already have one or more DR systems with Canon software, all you need is to add the One Shot Long-Length Support Stand. With an additional wall bracket, the LLS-1 can be used in multiple rooms. Choosing versatile DR solutions with Canon software ensures you can quickly adopt the latest advances in DR and improve efficiency with a lower investment.


Patient safety and comfort:

DelftDI One Shot Long-Length imaging benefits patients by delivering a lower radiation dose when compared to multiple exposure image stitching, and helps to provide an enhanced patient experience by virtue of a reduced exposure and examination time.



DelftDI LLS-1 uses Canon Flat Panels


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